OpticalSoftware.net: ‘how-to’ videos for the Qioptiq [LINOS Photonics] lens design programs.  The short clips show overviews of each program plus more detailed ‘secrets’.

You will find clips about PreDesigner, WinLens3D, WinLens3DBasic, Tolerancer, Glass Manager, Material Editor and MachVis, plus news & comments, reviews of optical design books, articles, upcoming events  and more.  Now includes Lens Calculator app for Android [Google Playstore].


PreDesigner [Free]

PreDesigner - lens design software

Simple optical layout program [lens calculator] - to assess & illustrate the key paraxial or Gaussian beam parameters.

see clips for PreDesigner

WinLens3D [in WinLens suite]

WinLens3D - lens design software

Full optical design program with optimisation. Handles tilts and decenters on surfaces, elements, modules and groups.

see clips for WinLens3D

WinLens3D Basic [Free]

WinLens3D Basic - lens design software

Free version of the WinLens3D optical design package, which provides serious design and analysis tools for optical engineer, student or designer.

see clips for WinLens3D Basic

Tolerancer [in WinLens suite]

Tolerancer - lens design software

Tool for optical engineers - tolerance analysis: sensitivity calculations, tolerance editors, Monte Carlo simulations & ISO 10110 drawings for production.

see clips for Tolerancer

Glass Manager [in WinLens suite]

Glass Manager - lens design software

Sophisticated glass database program with numerous plots, graphs & tables, comprehensive search & sort facilities, obsolete glass lists and doublet creator.

see clips for Glass Manager

Material Editor [in WinLens suite]

Material Editor - lens design software

A simple utility that is designed to create, edit and manage custom materials for the WinLens3D, Tolerancer and Glass Manager programs.

see clips for Material Editor

MachVis [free]

MachVis - lens design software

Lens calculator to choose the optimum Qioptiq [LINOS Photonics] Machine Vision lens - a Rodagon, Rogonar, MeVis-C, Inspec.x lens or mag.x systems, plus accessories - for your machine vision task.

see clips for MachVis

Lens Calculator [Free]

Lens calculator & nomogram - android app

Simple lens equation app for Android [phone or tablet] - touch editable ray diagram & nomogram. User selectable parameters. Lens or Mirror mode. Paraxial or Construction rays. Advanced options.

see info about Lens Calculator

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